Line up


The dancers teaching at Gothenburg Queer Lindy Festival 2024 will be:
 Grey Armstrong (he/him) & Pomona Lake (she/her),
Sonnie Spoon (they/them) & Jamica Zion (they/them/she/her),
Kate Bramley-Moore (she/her) & Linnea Damber (she/her),
Mina Warringer (she/her) & Anne Normann (she/her)

Pomona Lake (she/her) & Grey Armstrong (he/him)

Pomona, a product of the west coast of Canada, has been immersed in dance since her early days, sneaking out in high school for blues parties. A true jack-of-all-dances, she has won Lindy Hop, Blues, and Fusion competitions worldwide as a leader, follower, and soloist. She draws inspiration from unexpected sources such as contact improvisation, clowning, and her experience in the film industry to connect with her partner and the audience. Her dance style is characterized by its playful, rhythmic, and raw nature, with an emphasis on improvisation and an unwavering dedication to musicality and expression.

From regular panic attacks after classes to an international dance instructor, Grey’s dance journey has been intense and yet he never forgets those early days. Bringing opportunities for growth and confidence building, Grey loves to help dancers find their style within the foundations set by the Black culture. Although he loves the speed of Lindy hop, Grey enjoys highlighting other and lesser explored aspects of Lindy hop, like rhythmic variation, the pocket/lag, groove, and challenging well worn beliefs. Join him for fun classes where we find your artistry and voice in dance and daily life.

Jamica Zion (they/them) & Sonnie Spoon (they/them)

Currently living the nomadic life, Jamica Zion takes pride in being a groovy solo dancer, a dynamic follow, and growing lead. Jamica aims for range, not just in connection and style, but across genres too! Since starting Jazz and Blues dances 15 years ago, she’s collected multiple titles from contests across top US events including Lindy Focus, Camp Jitterbug, Beantown, and Camp Hollywood. As a solo artist, Jamica has prioritized performance over contests so instead of a collection of solo wins, she has a diverse and abundant performance portfolio (check some out on YouTube)! When Jamica is not social dancing, teaching, or working on choreography, she is likely spending time with her dog, reading, playing games, napping, or relaxing with loved ones. 

Jamica’s approach towards sharing dance with others includes a critical understanding and appreciation of its history and culture, while simultaneously ushering students to build their own styles and meaningful connections to it. Jamica draws on their professional training from various social justice organizations and a long educational background which includes nearly three degrees in Sociology. This unique blend of experiences, teacher training, and knowledge allows Jamica to deliver inclusive and culturally responsible classes that are creative, thought provoking, and original!

Sonnie Spoon (they/them) of London, England, is a fan of music. 

Playing it, playing it some more, dancing to it, sharing it, talking about it, thinking about it, and generally overdosing on it daily. 

Having found swing music completely by chance (although with hindsight it seems obvious really), they quickly connected with the dance, the community, and they haven’t looked back. 

Committed to both roles, Sonnie spent a year in one role before realising that the other side of the coin meant not just unlocking insights into connection, but more dances too. And they’re well up for more dances.

Sonnie values playfulness, flow, and conversation in a dance partnership. They strive for personal expression, authenticity of movement, and confidence, in both the shapes they make and the things they share with others.

Anne Normann (she/her) & Mina Warringer (she/her)

The focus for Anne and Mina is always on each dancer’s individual journey. The individual always comes first, the dance role comes second. In the partnership the focus is always the connection, respect for your partner and the opportunities that comes from dancing with a partner independently of the dance role. Both Anne and Mina share the love for swing dancing and regularly teach in the local dance scene in Gothenburg as followers, leads, switching and solo jazz.


During our two nights of partying, we will have live music delivered by two great bands. They will give us that playful, jazzy and queer energy to make us move our feet throughout the nights.

Cats and Dinosaurs

We are excited to welcome back our house band who’s been with us every year since the start. This year, they will play for us during Saturday evening.

Cats and Dinosaurs is a swing collective from Gothenburg, and three of their members were part of creating the first Queer Lindy Festival in 2017! They honor the jazz pioneers, not by copying them note for note, but by embracing their energy and radical attitude. In this attitude they perform their original songs with feminist and left wing political lyrics. And being lindy hop dancers themselves, they know exactly what kind of groove the dancers need!

Find them at

Pansy Craze Jazz Band

Welcome to a celebration of early New Orleans style dance music, with songs and inspiration from queer pioneers such as Gladys Bentley, Bessie Smith and Tony Jackson! The musicians of Pansy Craze Jazz Band have gathered from no less than three Nordic cities; Mariehamn, Stockholm and Gothenburg, to cherish the African American music and the community that Gothenburg Queer Lindy Festival is a proud part of. Join the parade!


Jens Corsman – Trumpet
Elsa Hede – Saxophone & Vocals 
Marie Nordenstorm – Clarinet & Accordion 
Erik Ribeli – Trombone
Sara Lövestam – Piano 
Carl Turesson Bernehed – Guitar, Banjo & Vocals 
Lars Lindström – Guitar, Banjo & Vocals 
Kristoffer Siggstedt – Sousaphone 
Daniel Johansson – Washboard 
Sofia Enros – Percussion

Artwork: @mildredskompani