Gothenburg Queer Lindy Festival 2024

Welcome to a Swing Dance Festival for Queers and Allies!

We are happy to announce the return of Gothenburg Queer Lindy Festival 20-22nd September 2024! Welcome to a festival where we acknowledge, and celebrate the queer expressions of swing dancing. 


When: September 20th to September 22nd 2024.

Where: Gothenburg, Sweden

Location: Forum, at Doktor Fries Torg 7. This is our main venue and the home of West Coast Jitterbugs. All parties and most classes will be at Forum. 

Price: Solidarity pricing, see Tracks and Registration

Registration opens May 25th at 8pm (CET).

This webpage is currently under construction. For more info and updates, check out our Instagram or Facebook page.

An Inclusive Dance Floor

Our goal is for the Gothenburg Queer Lindy Festival to be a fun, welcoming and inclusive festival for all participants, both during class time as well as on the social dance floor. We want queers and people of color to feel welcome, wanted and comfortable. 

In order to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, we have established a code of conduct that applies to all the participants at the festival.

We want you as a participant to take responsibility for your actions and to be respectful when you meet other participants at the festival. We all have different knowledge and experiences and we hope that you will be considerate of this. Sometimes you make mistakes, despite good intentions. When this happens, please apologize.

You can always talk with the organizers if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

Is this Festival for Me?

This swing dance festival is a space for queer dancers and allies on all levels of dancing skill.

If you are a queer dancer, or a queer person wanting to learn lindyhop in a queer space, this festival is for you. If you are an ally who support the vision of the festival, this event is also for you.

The creators of early swing music were black. The dancers of early lindy hop, the people we look at for inspiration were black. A lot of them were also gay, lesbian and/or trans people. As contemporary dancers in the lindy hop culture we should not disregard or minimise the fact that many of us are guests in a culture created by these people 100 years ago. Most dancers then were black, most dancers nowadays are white. They did not care about the norms we have today on leading and following.

With this event we are celebrating these black and queer people who in today’s society still are underprivileged in one or more ways. If you’re not African-American, remember who created the dance. If you are cis and hetero, and want to learn more about how to better accommodate for queer dancers in your community, be very welcome, but remember that you are a guest in the queer space we are creating together.

Try Queer Lindy hop during West Pride

During pride week in Gothenburg, we will host a free Queer Lindy beginners’ workshop at Regnbågshuset, in cooperation with West pride. Be there and tell all your friends!

When: June 11th 2024.

Where: Regnbågshuset, Barlastgatan 2, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Price: Free.

More info: